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★★★★☆ 4.75 Stars 


"A strongly relatable book."

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“Don’t break your mask.”

“But why?  What would happen?”

In a world obsessed with dream masks, Kyro alone chooses reality.  Sipping coffee and surrounded by sleepers, his pub is doomed unless he can get patrons to unmask and eat some real food – and maybe even converse.

    He finds unexpected and lovely help, but trouble soon follows like a hunter follows prey.  How do you fight off a sleepwalking populace?  Can Kyro save the pub before an impending lockdown makes it impossible?


Set on a wild canyon planet reborn in a cosmic storm, Sleepwalkers is a sci-fi mystery that’s good for fans of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.  The romance, relatable characters, and suspenseful climax will keep you guessing.  But it’s also a thought-provoking satire of our own internet, AI, and metaverse obsessed planet.  Indeed, life online exacts a high price – and so does resisting it.

"The storyline keeps you reading .... I loved the Monkeys!"

"You will feel transported to a future realm."

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The solar system changes forever when

a bold scientist and his cool-headed daughter

fly into a cosmic storm – discovering a planet reborn – if they somehow survive it.

Coming in 2024

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