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a Sci-Fi Mystery novelette
coming early 2023

Seven-year-old Ivy wakes up as a street thief runs off with her
only shoes.  But Ivy is not just any street kid.   Her barefoot chase
and the trap she sets changes the theives - and Ivy - forever. 

New Release

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Sleepwalkers Cover current.jpg

It's Not Easy Selling Food to Sleepers.

Dream masks change life as we know it – romance, families, and business – including Kyro’s failing pub. Surrounded by sleeping customers, insulted by teens in furry animal onesies, ignored by his inept hoverpod assistant, Kyro’s stuck talking to his food, with just three days to save his pub.

In walks lovely, unpretentious Ayla to meet her ‘dream’ husband in ‘the real.’ Her help could save the pub. But she’s as wild as the canyon wind. Will she stay or go back to her strange family in the dreams? Who really is she? And when sleepwalkers attack, and an old friend vanishes, the dream masks go from just bizarre to dangerous. Is Kyro’s pub a fortress or a trap? Reality is no place to hide, and dreamers have ways of breaking in.

Good for fans of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Sleepwalkers is the first book in a coming sci-fi noir series set in the mysterious canyon world of TehMathé. The humor, romance, strange characters, and suspenseful climax will keep you guessing and hungry for book II. But it’s also a thought-provoking satire of our own internet obsessed planet. Indeed, life online exacts a high price – and so does resisting it. 

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