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★★★★☆ 4.75 Stars 


"A strongly relatable book."


In a canyon world full of sleepwalkers, Kyro fights to save his pub before a strange planetary lockdown.

Eating isn’t as cool as it used to be.  The dream masks change life as we know it and ruin Kyro’s pub – until he meets Ayla.  Lovely and unpretentious, she comes in to meet her dream husband in ‘the real.’  Her help may invigorate business but she’s as wild as the canyon wind.  Will she stay or run back to her creepy dream family?


And when a band of sleepwalkers attacks an old friend, the dream masks go from just bizarre to dangerous.  Is Kyro’s pub a fortress or a trap?  Reality is no place to hide, and dreamers have ways of breaking in.


A slow-burn mystery that’s good for fans of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, the romance, relatable characters, and suspenseful climax of Sleepwalkers will keep you guessing.  But it’s also a thought-provoking satire of our own internet, AI, and metaverse obsessed planet.  Indeed, life online exacts a high price – and so does resisting it.

"The storyline keeps you reading .... I loved the Monkeys!"

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"You will feel transported to a future realm."

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Seven-year-old Ivy wakes up as a thief runs off with her only shoes.  But Ivy is not just any street kid.  Her barefoot chase and the trap she sets changes the thieves -
and Ivy - forever. 

Coming Fall 2023

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